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Kimberly Meenan

Mond und Galle

Feb. 22. – Mar. 29. 2015
Curated by Muriel Dilé and Mirjam Wendt

Opening: Sat. 21. Feb. 2015, 7pm
Finissage: Sun. 29. Mar. 2015 – special closing event, 3pm
Opening Hours: Sat.-Sun. 2-5pm (also by arrangement)

Kimberly Meenan creates her own world using irony, and a bit of dark humour, which results in a subversive alternative to daily life. It's an individual biotope and refuge where she challenges even the weather. Here the artist is a gardener, a hostess and mainly an observer.

In the gallery Kurt im Hirsch, the artist from Northern Ireland gives the visitor a glimpse of her utopian vision. However, Meenan's utopia is not a return to the Eden Garden, but a fragile microcosm. As a researcher, Meenan provides a perspective consciously by collecting outside influences. Her research is based on observations and experiments and the conclusions remain undefined. The visitor, as homo sociologicus, is a decisive part in this microcosm. The ambivalent, not to stay absurd, relationship between the individual, society and nature lightly becomes apparent. It is a very singular gesture of generosity through which Meenan invites the guest into her world and create a dialogue. The artist swept away the leaves fallen from the previous day and is now sitting in a tent with a cup of tea for the interested guests to share and contemplate the caterpillars pupating.

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